I managed to convince a good friend of mine that micro adventures were fun, safe and not freezing cold. We accepted Alastair Humphrey’s 12 months of Microadventures and headed out into the January night for our first micro adventure..

As darkness fell early we thought for this one we would keep things simple, we’d identified a few locations close to Newbury, there were a few things we considered when planning.. As we are both photographers we wanted to make sure we would be able to see the sunrise on the Sunday morning, we also wanted to command a good view, so an elevated location would work with an Eastern view. We also wanted somewhere we could park the car, which was safe, and didn’t look like the car had been abandoned, therefore the natural place would be a local pub, so that was also added to the mix.

Location planned, kit sorted and organised, bags packed and off we went.. headed to the pub we had in mind, only to find the pub was quieter than the hillside we wanted to sleep on.. A quick pint, and carefully (quiet) conversation we decided to head to the backup location we had in mind..

15 minutes later we arrived at reserve pub, only to find that it was closed for a private party… there is only so much that can be planned, so we picked up a few drinks, and started the short walk to our night time hill side. The walk was pretty easy, the sky was clear and the stars looked amazing! Frost was starting to form on open ground, so we selected a spot just inside the treeline. There was no wind, so shelter from it wasn’t a concern.

Bivi bags out, kip mats inflated we settled down for a few drinks whilst the cameras (now setup) were shooting away for a time-lapse. The time was pushing on for 11, and the cold ground has started creeping closer to our spot. It was time to crash out..

It was Marks first night in a bivi bag, which does take a little getting used to.. The night was reasonably comfortable (well as comfy as it gets) the ground was still soft, which was good as I did manage to slide off my 3/4 length sleep mat. There were a few odd noises around us through the night, but only a muntjac to worry about.. they do make a horrible barking howl type noise (or at least I hope that’s what it was)

We woke as it got light, the ground just a few meters away from us was crisp from the frost, the bare trees above did offer us some protection from the cold. First job was to get a brew on (after the call of nature visit) I’ve been using a jetboil PCS since 2004, its always been pretty dependable, and has cooked my food (boil in the bag rat packs) and many brews! Coffee made, and porridge pot sorted, breakfast was served 🙂

The sun was peaking up now, it was time for a few more pic’s, before it was time to pack up and head home, with Microadventure 1 in the bag..

Looking forward to number 2 now 🙂



Written by Tim

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