It seems such a huge gap between August and Septembers Microadventures! This summer has been especially tricky to fit a single night away in! thankfully our calendars aligned and we had a Friday night free where all three of us were about.
We headed to a familiar location, where we had permission to use the woods, however we very quickly realised that the wood had been booked by a youth organisation, so we headed to the pub to figure out where our backup location should be.. It’s amazing how a pint and a seat can help figure these things out..

We set off with our plan B and were soon walking through the gorse and trees under a bright moon. There were some cows settled on the ground close by, so we moved away and tucked ourselves in slightly thicker trees, hoping that we wouldn’t be disturbed overnight.

We were, as usual, well prepared for a few hours chat before crashing, and the now traditional cheese selection was laid out.. The temperature had started to drop, we had figured it would be chilly, so chose not to bring a bottle of red..

Time does seem to pass quickly when your covertly hidden in the woodland.. The sky was still clear, and the trees provided quite a bit of protection from any dew over night… The ground was soft, but not wet which helped us enjoy a restful sleep…

That was till I heard a noise, a clatter as if something was being disturbed, with out thinking I shot out or my bivi, crying a load noise (the others say it was a moo, but I remember it as a loud shout) thinking that there was a cow stood close to us.. It turned out to simply be Nick heading off for a pee.. He jumped, closely followed by Mark sitting bolt upright wondering what the commotion was all about… Thankfully there was nothing to worry about and after a laugh we all soon crashed out again

The clear skies lasted all night, we awoke to a gentle pink sky, mist hung in the lower lying areas and the cattle had moved off from there sleeping spot (possibly during the night due to the noises neighbours)

We enjoyed coffee and porridge, chatted more and started to pack up to return home to still sleepy families to start the weekend.. Microadventures give a perfect amount of get away time, which feels much longer than a night, or few days.. We’re now nine months into Microadventuring… I’m sure that it will continue past the year as its already become an important part of who I am…

Written by Tim

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