What do I need for a wild camp

A week ago we had a meet up of the local Facebook Microadventures group. There was a great mix of people along with all sorts of experience. One of the common questions was “What do I need for a night out?” Heres my system, there are a few alternatives to the kit depending on how much… Read more »

January 2018 Microadventure

Its dark and cold, its mid winter, wet and muddy… Why would anyone want to leave their warm homes and beds to go for a bike ride and to sleep in the woods. It appears there is an increasing number of these odd people wanting to do this.. And once again Mark, Nick and myself… Read more »

Winter Solstice Microadventure

December has arrived way too quickly! It seems like it was summer only a few weeks ago! Decembers Microadventure fell on the winter solstice, so it seemed a good reason too try for all four solstices over the next 12 months! December also heralds our annual Christmas Microadventure, a chance for the three of us… Read more »

Ridgeway Bikepacking Microadventure

Fresh from the Gower Bike packing we were well up for another trip out on the bikes, we still had the benefit of plenty of light, probably till about 9pm, and with the lights on the bike we would add a few hours to that.. This time we went for a slightly lighter setup than… Read more »

Gower Peninsula Bikepacking

Earlier in the year Mark and I spend an evening thinking up a route that we would like to ride in wales, something more than a quick night away. We had seen previous write-ups on the Gower, and having never been there we thought it was a good place to start! Pondering over the printed… Read more »

January 17 Microadventure

Back on the bikes for January and it feels like an age since we last rode with the overnight gear. A late start meant that we started the ride off in the dark, the planned pub stop was around 5 miles from home, and the ride was quite straight forward as we made out way… Read more »

December 16 Microadventure

Christmas is one again upon us, which means its time for the annual Christmas Microadventure! We have access some woodland where we are able to have a fire which is normally something I would avoid as it draws attention. Each year the three of us will pack much bigger packs that normal, filled with not… Read more »

May 2016 Microadventure

After the success of the March bike packing overnighter, and the fact I had got my new bike we opted for another two wheeled adventure! I’ve said before that we are luck where we are, and another great feature is the Kennet and Avon canal less than a mile from home. We hatched a cunning… Read more »

April 16 Microadventure

Our April Microadventure was looking like it was set to be a wet one, we had rain most of the week, but there was a glimmer of home in the sky’s clearing overnight. Nick had never used a bivi before, so we figured this would be a good chance to take the tarp and create… Read more »

March 16 Microadventure

It was time to get on our bike and load up for a bike packing Microadventure! We’re really fortunate to live within reach of some great places for a ride and overnight stay. Bikes were loaded and we made our way to stop one of the evening… The Pub.. it seems that may good nights… Read more »

  • My 1st Adventure

    I started thinking back to when I was a kid… back then everything was an adventure… going to the end of the road, the other side or town, or even out on a bike ride (which is what kids did in the 80’s and early 90’s) Adventure was just something we did.. we went on… Read more »

  • Alpkit Airo 120 review

    Alpkit’s refreshed range of self-inflating mats arrived just at the right time, as my previous and long serving ¾ length Airic mat was at the end of its very used life. The natural choice for me was the Airo 120, a ¾ length self-inflating mat, which shaves a few centimeters off the parts that don’t… Read more »

  • April’s Microadventure – Movie

    Here’s a short video from Aprils wonderfully warm evening out!

  • April Microadventure

    We originally planned to do this one at the end of April, but a tough working week, and lovely overnight forecast ment that a last minute dash and go was needed.  Over the past 3 months I’ve been tweeting my kit, making sure everything is packed away and ready to grab and go, this was… Read more »

  • Equinox Microadventure 3

    Friday the 20th March was a busy day, it was the day that the UK encountered a partial solar eclipse and also when day and night were of equal length (known as equinox) It was also the night suggested for a micro adventure. All great micro adventures starts with a pub and a pint. Mark and… Read more »

  • Microadventure 2 movie

    Our second microadventure at Pheasant Woods  

  • Microadventure 2 – Feb 2015

    Planning started a week or so before, over a coffee at work. Mark and I identified a few possible locations depending on what the weather was likely to do.. For good weather we wanted to take on a hill top, and if it was looking wet or windy we would seek the shelter of the… Read more »

  • Quote

    “Sometimes all you need is to climb a simple hill, to spend time staring at an empty horizon, to jump into a cold river or sleep under the stars, or perhaps share a whisky at a small country inn in order to remind yourself what matters most to you in life.” – Alastair Humphreys

  • Jan Microadventure Movie

    A short video of this years first microadventure, shooting the time-lapse whilst preparing breakfast and packing up was simple using my go pro camera.

  • Microadventure 1 – Jan 2015

    I managed to convince a good friend of mine that micro adventures were fun, safe and not freezing cold. We accepted Alastair Humphrey’s 12 months of Microadventures and headed out into the January night for our first micro adventure.. As darkness fell early we thought for this one we would keep things simple, we’d identified a… Read more »