February Microadventure

February’s microadventure would take us to the coast, for our 1st taste of seaside sleeping. We made the 90 minute journey down to Poole, then on to the sandbanks chain ferry, which in just a few short minutes takes you away from the glamour of sandbanks into the wilds of coastal Dorset. We had thought… Read more »


Planning your Microadventure

Why Plan? – Planning in some form comes in handy, it reduces your chance of finding the most uncomfortable, waterlogged and exposed location whilst out in the great outdoors (or perhaps in this case the not so great outdoors) Most of my microadventures to date have been planned to some degree, sometimes is a very… Read more »


January’s Microadventure

Wow.. a whole year has gone by, summer is a distant memory and its time to get out and spend a night on a hill. We thought it would be fun to head back to last Januarys location, a hill side which isn’t too far from a pub. Mark wasn’t able to make this one,… Read more »


Looking back at my year of Microadventure!

This is a reflective look back at the last 12 months, I will try my upmost not to get too deeply reflective on it all, but forgive me if I do.. When I started this year I was a very different person in many ways. Having a young family you pump yourself into family life, which… Read more »


Decembers Microadventure Video

Here’s the traditional video from Decembers Microadventure 🙂


December’s Microadventure

Well 2015 has sped by way to quick, it seems like only 11 months ago that we started out on our first Microadventure.. We returned to our little piece of woodland we have access to. It’s a real privilege that we have use of this land, as we can be a little less covert and… Read more »


Bikepacking without all the luggage

  There are loads of bespoke bags to fit you bikes frame on the market, and there are pretty awesome bits of kit. However you don’t need to carry a ton of kit at the best of times for a microadventure, and its no different for taking the bike out for the night. A simple… Read more »


Decathlon X-Light Down Jacket Review

      It’s fair to say I have a problem.. I have a jacket collection problem. I love them and have way too many! The latest addition to the collection was the budget £29.99 X-Light Down Jacket from Decathlon. I was looking for some time for a light weight down jacket as my only other… Read more »


November’s Microadventure

They say the hardest part of doing a microadventure is getting out of the house, and on a chilly wet and windy November night we were tested.. It would have been so easy to knock it on the head. We didn’t…. Instead we made the decision to get the bikes loaded up again and head… Read more »


October’s Microadventure

The nights are now drawing in, its getting cooler and wetter.. Leaving work at 5pm is no fun… that is unless you know your heading out for the night with your mates.. Not just any night, a micro adventure night 🙂 Mentioning to work colleagues brings odd looks, as you explain what you sleep in… Read more »

  • flameout

    September’s Microadventure 

    It seems such a huge gap between August and Septembers Microadventures! This summer has been especially tricky to fit a single night away in! thankfully our calendars aligned and we had a Friday night free where all three of us were about. We headed to a familiar location, where we had permission to use the… Read more »

  • augnightsky

    August’s Microadventure

    As if yet we haven’t sent a proper night on a open exposed hill top, August was the month to do it, and specifically early August as there would be a good change to see some early Perseid meteors. We trekked up the hill, it was warm, windless and crystal clear in the heavens above… Read more »

  • julymovie

    July’s Microadventure Movie

    What a fantastic year its been so far! 5 more to go… for 2015 anyhow 😉 I already know that it won’t end at 12! I find the monthly night away is all part of resetting Timmy.. it keeps me sane and levelled 🙂

  • IMG_4751-3.jpg


    “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” Ferris Buller I’m a huge fan of this movie, and still regularly meet people that have never seen it! Its a great lesson in making the most of the time you have, its about fitting stuff… Read more »

  • Julymicro

    July’s Bikepacking Microadventure

    I’ve briefly mentioned that for July’s microadventure we had something a little special planned.. it’s funny how plans develop and morph from the initial idea. We had looked at doing a bike packing microadventure along the Kennet & Avon from Westbury back to Newbury… I hadn’t spent much time in the saddle, so started using… Read more »

  • ma6video

    June Microadventure – Movie

    Our video from June’s woodland microadventure, you can read the blog update here – http://www.ukwildcamp.com/june-microadventure/

  • ma6writeup

    June Microadventure

    We’re now 6 months into the year of microadventure’s, its lighter later, and warm. June is a perfect month to get out into some woodland we have permission to use. It felt very special being able to use this woodland, as were allowed to be there we can get a little more established camp for… Read more »

  • Lifeventure Thermal Flask

    Lifeventure Thermal Mug

    My trusty Lifeventure thermal mug.. a long term friend to me, offering me a way to keep coffee warm, and water cool.. It’s been thrown around, bumped, dropped and even kicked.. and still it’s as faithful as a Labrador dog.. Its flaking a little paint from the lid and sports many battle scars on the… Read more »

  • ma5video

    May’s Microadventure – Movie

    Our May microadventure video. You can read the blog for May’s microadventure here – http://www.ukwildcamp.com/the-wedding-orchard/

  • our May Microadventure

    The Wedding & Orchard

    Mays microadventure worked out pretty well.. Mark and I were photographing a wedding during the day, and had also kindly been invited as guests as we knew the bride and groom. The wedding was quite a distance from home (in terms of taking a taxi) so it made sense to combine the shoot in the… Read more »