The nights are now drawing in, its getting cooler and wetter.. Leaving work at 5pm is no fun… that is unless you know your heading out for the night with your mates.. Not just any night, a micro adventure night 🙂

Mentioning to work colleagues brings odd looks, as you explain what you sleep in the looks get even odder, till they are lost in a sea of craziness thoughts, mostly directed to you..

We chose a location not too far from home, a nearby pub was a perfect place to stash the car for the night without raising more odd looks from locals. We ate crisps, drank quite a lot of cider and then left the warm pub into the cool outside air, thankfully the night wasn’t due to be wet, just a little windy.

The woods were not far from the pub, we made our way down a nearby footpath, past houses with lights on and residents who have no idea that three blokes were walking out into the woods for the night. We followed the path, turning away from the houses, the three of us in a single line as we headed into the deep woodland. Initially we were walking through pine woodland, rows of trees neatly planted many years before. We spotted a light in the distance, judging my the way the light was moving it was a runner. We quickly switched our head torches off, and in military fashion knelt down to reduce our silhouette. I runner passed by 100m away, with no idea we were there.

We continued for another 10 minutes, and moved away from the path far enough that any early morning walkers wouldn’t spot us. We settled on a small area of tall oak trees. As the night was mild with little chance of rain we didn’t worry about the tarp, and placed the bivi bags out on the ground (being sure to remove any sticks that were lying the in way).

We enjoyed a few snacks, and settled down for the night.. one that I wouldn’t forget about!

Shortly after drifting off I woke to one of those “Is that an axe murderer” noises. Upon waking I realised it was just a very loud fox, it wasn’t too far away, and thankfully after a few minutes it moved away. The next bevy experience was probably the worst.. not feeling well, I ended up spending the rest of the night not being very well.. Mark didn’t wake and Nick normally sleeps on his good ear, so wouldn’t hear me..

I did manage a few hours of sleep, but it wasn’t comfortable..

Morning did eventually arrive, Nick and Mark got the coffee on, for which I skipped. It turns out that in the darkness and excellent choice of location meant that we were only 50m from someones 3 bar back fence. Hopefully they didn’t wake to see three blokes asleep in the woods!

It wasn’t my finest microadventure, but it was our 10th month from our year of microadventure. Even with an experience like this I’m still totally enthused about spending a night outside each month.. I know it will continue…

Written by Tim

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