It was time to get on our bike and load up for a bike packing Microadventure!

We’re really fortunate to live within reach of some great places for a ride and overnight stay. Bikes were loaded and we made our way to stop one of the evening… The Pub.. it seems that may good nights start at the pub! After a bit of food and a few pints we headed off into the dark. Immediately we were faced with a hill, which isn’t ideal when your full of chips and beer in the cold night air. We soon warmed up and made good time to the woodland that we had figured would be a good place to stop. Mark had been able to take a walk, so had an idea of a good place to find, however in the dark it was a little more challenging to find the fallen tree that was obvious during the day.

As we reached the woodland my bike felt a little odd, which turned out to be a flat rear tyre. Now, in daylight its a bit easier to change, but just into the woods on a very muddy path wasn’t something I wanted to attempt, so I pushed my slightly less trusted steed the 1/4 mile into the woods, and decided to fix it in the morning before we set off.

Once we found the fabled “ideal spot” we soon had the bivi bags out and started to get sorted out for the night. It was starting to get quite late so we quite quickly got into the sleeping bags and settled for the night. We chatted about how well the bike had worked out with dry bags mounted on the handlebars and any other place they could be strapped to, I also decided that it was time for a new bike.. 🙂

Overnight we were greeted with several animal noises, its strange how noisy the woods are at night! Thankfully no more rain fell and we had a dry night!


Morning was something I had not been looking forward to as I knew there was a very muddy rear wheel which needed some attention. Mark and Nick got the coffee sorted, and I got muddy hands! We were soon packed and back on our way, cycling along wide woodland tracks, the sun out and all feeling pretty good about the world. The ride home was only 3 or 4 miles, but once again it felt like we had been miles from nowhere!

Written by Tim

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