Lifeventure Thermal Flask

Lifeventure Thermal Flask

My trusty Lifeventure thermal mug.. a long term friend to me, offering me a way to keep coffee warm, and water cool..

It’s been thrown around, bumped, dropped and even kicked.. and still it’s as faithful as a Labrador dog..

Its flaking a little paint from the lid and sports many battle scars on the body (which the chicks dig!) Its done all this without ever leaking a drop.. Its performance that I really can’t fault..

It holds a good size cup of coffee (or tea for that matter), a single jetboil cup is enough for two cups (so get your buddy one too) The lid has a small cavity, just about big enough for a couple of tea bags or a coffee sachet, which makes packing for a short trip out pretty easy!

I’d love to tell you that I have had this mug for 10 years… I haven’t.. this is my 2nd in 10 years.. Its older brother perished when I slipped and fell onto it crashing the side in (it still didn’t leak!) If it’s not in my pocket or bag I feel a bit lost these days as it’s just so good..

It’s reasonably priced too at under £12 it’s a good buy! Check it out at Lifeventure (a local company to me here too)

Written by Tim

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It’s a nice mug, but I wouldn’t trust it in my pack with a drink – I find my one leaks a little. Great for knocking around the campsite though.


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