We’re now 6 months into the year of microadventure’s, its lighter later, and warm. June is a perfect month to get out into some woodland we have permission to use. It felt very special being able to use this woodland, as were allowed to be there we can get a little more established camp for our night out.

The weather was looking like there would be a prospect of a storm, throughout the days before reports of weather warnings and big electrical storms circulated. Undeterred we were packed and ready to go.

Bag packed, and a little heavier than normal we headed off the 7 miles to the woods, we arrived around 19:30, and strung the tarp up between two birch trees. We set out our bivi bags and made sure we were ready to crawl into our dry beds later when it was dark and possibly wet..

After a short search for fallen wood we managed to find enough dry wood to get a small, controlled fire alight. Given that there had been a few heavy showers that day the wood was a little damp. We used some dry wood we brought to get things going and placed the damp wood around the fire to dry a little.

We soon got some Sausages cooking (and mostly exploding) and Coffee brewing, making the most of the luxury of a fire. We sat, we chatted and enjoyed some drinks and stared at our fire whilst toasting marshmallow’s on Hazel sticks. I can safely say that we ticked every camp fire box (with the exception of singing)

The fire slowly started to die, and we resisted the temptation of adding another log. It was getting quite late in terms of Microadventure bedtime, which is normally earlier than when home.. So we crashed for the night, which by now was starting to show sign’s that there could be a little rain sometime soon.

It’s been a while since we used the huge Alpkit Rig 21 tarp, which for two people was totally excessive, this time we used the standard British military tarp, big enough to provide shelter for the two of us, along with our kit.

Once again I slept really well, it’s amazing how well you can sleep in a bivi, I woke around 7 and spend a few minutes listening to the woodland, which was already well awake with the sound of birds all around. The fire had burnt down to almost nothing, a liberal pouring of cold coffee from the night before made sure any hot spots were now extinguished.

We packed away, had a fresh coffee and made our way back to our families, happy that another Microadventure was complete. July sees a different approach to our monthly adventure, with our first sample of Bikepacking… we will be sure to record that one!

Written by Tim

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