Back on the bikes for January and it feels like an age since we last rode with the overnight gear. A late start meant that we started the ride off in the dark, the planned pub stop was around 5 miles from home, and the ride was quite straight forward as we made out way along tracks and paths, light ablaze as we powered across rural West Berkshire to the Hampshire border.

As per usual we stopped at the pub and was joined by a fellow bivi adict (Alex) who wandered down for a pint. We chatted and eventually figured we should make our way onwards towards the woods.

Leaving the pub we felt a few drops of rain start to fall, good job I have packed the tarp this time. We made our way a few miles up the road to the woods. The tracks were easy to follow to a spot I had in mind. I was surprised how much the landowners had been cutting back the forest. Many of the tall pine trees were now laying flat on the ground. The floor of the wood showed scars of where tractors had been removing the timber. Despite this we found a clear spot and popped the tarp up. As there were three of us I had packed the huge Alpkit Rig 21, this will easily sleep 6 people, so with three of us would have plenty of space!


The rain gained pace, so we sheltered under the tarp in the bivi’s and started to settle down for the night.

The weather had cleared by dawn, and the long awaited arrival of some light was welcome. The forest we were in is very popular with dog walkers, so we packed up swiftly and hit the road to get across to a proper old school cafe for a fryup!

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Written by Tim

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