Friday the 20th March was a busy day, it was the day that the UK encountered a partial solar eclipse and also when day and night were of equal length (known as equinox) It was also the night suggested for a micro adventure. All great micro adventures starts with a pub and a pint. Mark and I met up with Andrew and Dave from the Oxfordshire micro adventure Facebook group, and set about making a plan of where about’s we should head. Thankfully Dave knew the best place to park, which would be more secure than the public carpark, which is known for being a bit of dodgy location for cars left overnight.

We left the pub, into the mild evening, it was around 9pm at this stage, broken cloud dappled the sky, the odd star briefly shone though as the cloud drifted across the sky. We made the short drive and within 10 minutes the four of us were making our way up a footpath towards our nights location. Didcot appeared in our view as we reached the top of the hill, the power station shining bright towards the horizon.

We quickly found a great spot in the beech wood atop of the hill, the ground underfoot was reasonably dry, and nature had provided a soft layer of foliage. Dave, Mark and Myself opted for a night on the ground in the bivi bags, Andrew strung his hammock between two nearby trees. Beds laid out in our woodland we cracked open the increasingly large cheese selection, along with another cider.

By 10:30 the cider, cheese and cool night air meant it was time for bed, by this stage my over the hill sleeping mat was flat (I knew it would be, but relied on the soft ground to give me some padding. It was a comfortable overnighter, I woke a few times, at one point looking up into the crystal clear skies. If I hadn’t been snuggled up I would have got the camera out and shot a time-lapse.

We woke at dawn to a stunning sunrise over the distant landscape. Kit packed away, and cookers fired up we made porridge and had a coffee. The skies had started to cloud over, with the prospect of rain not too far off we started to make our way back to the car, the woodland and surrounding area looked different. It took only a few minutes to reach the cars, where we spotted something more odd than four guys sleeping out in a wood.. Geese were  in the tall trees, some 30ft high, none of us had seen this before!

It was a great location and superb company for our third microadventure.

Written by Tim

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