Well 2015 has sped by way to quick, it seems like only 11 months ago that we started out on our first Microadventure..

We returned to our little piece of woodland we have access to. It’s a real privilege that we have use of this land, as we can be a little less covert and start a little fire to keep us company for the night.

We parked reasonably close by, the night was clear as we headed into the woods, guided by the moon as we made our way along slightly muddy paths, for this night we decided to use the fire pit area already in the woods as the ground was a little drier and flat enough to allow a comfortable nights sleep.

We soon got the fire lit and figured that we wouldn’t need to rig the tarp as rain was only forecast for after sunrise. We were soon sat around the fire.. randomly playing with the lightsabers that Nick bought us all. Just three guys in a woods fighting with light sabres.. it was all fun till my sabre got sliced in half when Mark and Nick joined forces against me..

We settled down and started on our festive treats for this one, chestnuts were “roasting on an open fire” (Jack Frost was no where near as it was still around 8 degrees) Mulled Wine was warmed, followed by sausages and plenty of Marks home brew ale, which was pretty good!

The sky above us was clear, the woods were quiet aside from the odd Muntjack calling somewhere in the woods. We watched the moon move around the sky as we recalled experiences from our year of microadventuring. The fire crackled away, we added a few more logs to keep it ticking over as we enjoyed our surroundings on this very warm December evening.

Eventually snacks were eaten, beer was drunk and the fire started to fade we slowly crashed. Mark needed to be away earlier then Nick and I so he was totally lights out before we were even in our bivi bags. The night was so mild there was no need to pull the bivi overhead and disappear down, I’m not sure I was all the way in my sleeping bag as it was just way too warm..

I slept well, a few awakenings, which, when the sky is crystal clear is a bit of a treat. It feels like it takes forever for the day to break, the light slowly came around the time we got a brew on, it was a little cooler now I was glad the insulated jacket I’d been using as a pillow was to hand. The fire was merely ash now, which makes breaking camp easier. We drank our warm coffee, chatted and set about packing our kit away.. within minutes of getting our of the bivi bags the forecast rain appeared. Although we were expecting it I wasn’t prepared for how much would fall and also the cold temperature of the water was.. 

Bag packing experience meant that we were packed away quickly and after a scout around to ensure we hadn’t left anything we headed back to the car.

Another microadventure completed, but certainly not the last!

Written by Tim

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