Christmas is one again upon us, which means its time for the annual Christmas Microadventure!

We have access some woodland where we are able to have a fire which is normally something I would avoid as it draws attention. Each year the three of us will pack much bigger packs that normal, filled with not only with our overnight kit, but also with the addition of cooking kit, sausages, mulled wine, a keg of home-brew and other Christmas treats.

The night was really warm, the fire made it toasty, and after just a few home brew drinks Mark was out for the count, Nick and I weren’t too far behind. The fire slowly burnt down and soon enough the weak light of the day start to creep in.


Its great to get outside close to Christmas, being in the woods, with the fire, good food and some mates is the perfect way to get started for the festive season!

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Written by Tim

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