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It’s fair to say I have a problem.. I have a jacket collection problem. I love them and have way too many!

The latest addition to the collection was the budget £29.99 X-Light Down Jacket from Decathlon. I was looking for some time for a light weight down jacket as my only other option was to use my Rab Peak down jacket. This is find in the depths of winter, but its a little OTT through the late summer and Autumn. I was also on a budget as spending too much more would result in divorce proceedings..

I’ve always been a fan of Decathlon products, from my experience their kit is pretty good for general use. If your looking for something to wear in the mountains everyday you will probably regret not spending a little more.

The jacket is well made, the stitching all appeared to be solid and well machined. It features synthetic insulation on the arms and hood, with down used for the front and back. Two zipped decent sized pockets allow the stashing of your thermal mug or wallet. Two generous pockets inside the jacket provides extra space for other items, although with the lack of securing I would be careful what goes in there.

A compression sack is provided and once the jacket is packed could be further compressed for extra space saving. I have found that its better to simply tuck the jacket down inside my backpack to fill the empty spaces and gaps between stowed items.

The jacket does miss a few tricks, it does need a drawstring around the bottom, the hood could also do with some extra fastening to tailor the fit. The zips seem good quality and have zip pulls to ensure a gloved hand will get you in and out..

From a use perspective it did exactly what I needed, Its great at blocking the wind and keeping my body warm whilst allowing free arm movement. The insulation works well and was exactly what I needed first thing in the morning whilst getting the jetfoil fired up for the first coffee.

Overall its certainly a recommended jacket. Its fit for purpose, reasonably small and very affordable. Well done decathlon on this great bit of kit!

Available directly from Decathlon – http://www.decathlon.co.uk/x-light-mens-down-jacket-black-id_8318546.html

Written by Tim

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