There are loads of bespoke bags to fit you bikes frame on the market, and there are pretty awesome bits of kit.

However you don’t need to carry a ton of kit at the best of times for a microadventure, and its no different for taking the bike out for the night. A simple backpack and drybag can be all you really need to make the most of the amazing countryside on most peoples doorstep! It means you don’t need to find somewhere to leave the car, but is also a whole lot more fun! You can also travel down routes you wouldn’t normally cover, such as canals or byways.

Here’s a few things to think about when your getting set for your night out.

  1. leave out the “nice to have” items, Do you really need to take a full set of spare clothes for the night?
  2. Pool your kit, chat to the others you will be going with, make sure your taking one set of the basics such as tarp or cooker
  3. Use the space on your handlebars! A drybag with your sleeping back in will strap nicely to your handlebars with just a couple of straps.
  4. Be sure to keep your kit away from moving parts, you really don’t want your sleeping bag being chewed up enroute.
  5. Carry water, make the most of both of your bottle cage mounting points (if you have two)
  6. Refill your water at any occasion (pubs are happy to topup your bottles)
  7. Carry basic spares, including spare inner tube or repair kit, pump and basic tools for minor repairs enroute
  8. Set an objective – Even on mountain bikes you can cover 10 miles in an hour without too much effort, set yourself an objective to cycle 5, 10, 15miles before finding a sleeping spot.
  9. Take a few days and a night to complete a journey such as a trail or canal length
  10. Don’t be afraid to take your bike on a train, it can be a good accelerator to get some distance and change to surroundings
  11. Don’t be too adventurous on your first trips, but don’t be too cautious!

Its the same as any microadventure, just grab your stuff and get out the door, after that you can figure things out!

Written by Tim

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