As if yet we haven’t sent a proper night on a open exposed hill top, August was the month to do it, and specifically early August as there would be a good change to see some early Perseid meteors.

We trekked up the hill, it was warm, windless and crystal clear in the heavens above us. The hill was a popular location, so we dropped – few meters off the top so as not to be seen.

The noise of the A34 was now unheard, but it could clearly be seen snaking its was south from our location.. The occasional airplane passed overhead, enroute to Southampton or Bournmouth, passengers inside returning from warm sunny locations looking out into the darkness, unaware of the three guys on the hill in their bivi bags below them.

We quickly tuned into our surroundings, and with the superb view above us we simply enjoyed light conversation, a few cool ciders and cheese.. Commenting on the satellites and debris passing over head.. Spotting the occasional Perseid Meteor and once again graced with two passes of the international space station..

We were only 5 miles from Newbury, but treated to lovely dark skies, even the Milky Way was visible from this location. The distant glow of Winchester and Andover could be seen on the horizon. It’s only when you leave the towns that you get treated so such a superb show!

The night was peaceful, occasionally waking to stare up from the warmth of the bivi bag, the cameras pointing upwards clicking away every 30 seconds capturing the endless movement of the sky.

when dawn broke we were enveloped in mist, occasional views of the ground lower down were seen, it was peaceful still, we boiled some water and sipped hot coffee whilst slowly waking and sorting ourselves out..

The walk back to car was a stark contrast to the night before, the mist was damp on our faces and made the decent a little slippy in places. Once again we had a fantastic night, just three mates, a few beers and an amazing view!

Written by Tim

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