We originally planned to do this one at the end of April, but a tough working week, and lovely overnight forecast ment that a last minute dash and go was needed.  Over the past 3 months I’ve been tweeting my kit, making sure everything is packed away and ready to grab and go, this was a perfect trial for a quick pack, which took less than 5 minutes.

We headed out, driving only for 10 minutes and parking at a friends farm, we met Alex and then headed out onto the common to find a quiet location we could tuck ourselves away.

It was a lovely evening, the sun was just setting as the evening bird call was all around us in the woods, we found a spot close to a pond which helpfully had a floor of soft dry(ish) moss. This was a great spot in April, but in a month or so would be a midge zone, so we’re glad we found this now.

We set out our beds for the night.. It was my first trial of the new Alpkit Airo 120, which proved to be a vast improvement on my punctured previous set inflating mat. We spent some time chatting, enjoying a few drinks and looking up to the clear skies. the International Space Station made a silent pass over the top of us along with numerous satellites and aircraft.

We crashed out around. 11:30, the night was still warm, and our thick sleeping bags will hopefully be redundant till autum starts to bite.

We woke to a bright start, Alex quickly got a brew going and we enjoyed the morning coffee. It was a fairly quick pack up and walk back to the car, each of us had a busy day ahead.

Looking forward to May were planning a bike trip, Mark is a keen cyclist, I’m massively less fit, so it will be interesting to see how I fare on a 50mile ride!  

Written by Tim

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