Our April Microadventure was looking like it was set to be a wet one, we had rain most of the week, but there was a glimmer of home in the sky’s clearing overnight. Nick had never used a bivi before, so we figured this would be a good chance to take the tarp and create a shelter for the night.

Our target woodland was soon reached, and after a short walk and a bit of looking for some trees that would work for us we set about putting the bivi up. Ive added additional bungee loops to each corner to help pull it tight, a handy stick made for a good pole to keep the front a little more open. We soon settled in, which was a good thing as the rain had once again started. With the rain tapping on the top of the tarp above our heads we enjoyed a few snacks and cans of cider and finally settled down and drifted off to the rhythmic beat of the rain, only a few centimetres above us.

Morning came quickly, for a change I hadn’t selected a sleeping location with added roots and sticks, so slept well. It was also much different conditions to what we fell asleep to. The sky was starting to get light, and the sun made an early appearance. We were greeted with a  super sunrise, which revealed our location in more detail. Just a few meters away a stunning carpet of bluebells were in full bloom, the warm colour of the morning light made the wood look even more special.

We cracked on with the normal morning stuff, the brilliant Alpkit brukit was lit and coffee was made. We finished up packing and with thermal cups full we made our way out of the woods, following the footpaths which we later found out would be hosting several hundred people later that day on a bluebell walk.. I wonder what they would have made of our bivi!

Heres a short video of the night – https://vimeo.com/167033586

Written by Tim

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