Alpkit’s refreshed range of self-inflating mats arrived just at the right time, as my previous and long serving ¾ length Airic mat was at the end of its very used life.

The natural choice for me was the Airo 120, a ¾ length self-inflating mat, which shaves a few centimeters off the parts that don’t count, saving further weight and space. Weighing in at 450g it adds little extra load to your pack.

The Airo 120 inflates well, and only needs a couple of puffs into the conventional screw valve to get up to a firm supportive pressure. Having moved from a mat which flattened within seconds the Airo felt luxurious, even considering its compact design. On rough ground you will still need to sweep any sticks and larger stones out the way, but overall it deals well on a multitude of surfaces. Through the night it continued to provide good insulation and as comfortable night’s sleep as it is when you’re traveling light!

alpkit 2

Packing down to a compact size (12cm x 27cm) its moved from being externally packed to needing to go inside my pack (its predecessor rolled in to a width long shape, meaning it would easily strap outside my pack) The pack includes some handy elastic strap’s for holding the mat in a neat bundle, and stuff sack of ample size to ensure its possible to get packed away when your hands are cold and wet! A repair kit is also provided which I tend to leave home on shorter trips! It’s also a perfect size mat for kids, providing a whole body size mat! 😉

In summary the Airo 120 is a great lightweight mat, particularly good for short trips, or those where weight and space saving are key!

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Written by Tim

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